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Crypto Karma
« on: December 30, 2017, 07:53:01 PM »
We are all enjoying an amazing time with the world of cryptocurrencies. For most of us our investments go up and up.
For many of us we are very lucky and it is wise not to get too far ahead of yourself when Lady Luck is concerned.
Just remember that most of you are making money out of nothing and it is always best to show respect and gratitude when things are going well.
This is where Crypto Karma comes in.
You are lucky, fortunate to have made money from cryptos.
Share the love, share your good luck with others so that you are respecting the balance in life.
You can't just take, you must give as well.
We have set up this section of the forum for all those who believe in Crypto Karma.
Share your thoughts.
Donate to this forum, or donate to others.

You can post your experiences with Crypto Karma, you can post the good deeds you have done.
If you are down on your luck and in need of a bit of Karma then contribute well to the forum and someone will notice your need.

All posts that involve BEGGING will be deleted.

To donate to this forum you can use the following...

Donate Bitcoin (BTC) 16VtWyaxSEDcULwtZU6gAzEeu5Ha3fRTeK

Donate Ethereum (ETH) 0x57f9dcd92d4510353d7fd0d0183d156cab471147

Donate Bitcoin Cash (BCH)  16VtWyaxSEDcULwtZU6gAzEeu5Ha3fRTeK

Donate Bitcoin Gold (BTG)  GStqLAmSL3UFYJBaUdePNCi3HMFF19Kbng

Donate Dash (DASH)  XbRpnyWnMK2v5vDxqd2FZD1he8cdQ2kqtR

Donate Litecoin (LTC)  LdD2iLVreKHcAiHHWQUF3Mm7oWcaAiipq6

Donate Bitcore (BTX)  12YgU2p2Mwhj9ifaTpS1bKeW9BQKEYdUnk

Donate TRON (TRX) 0x31af5bb24f203d865cbe61a3f855019893d2fcfb

Donate Dogecoin (DOGE) DG1h9r2mPhD6TvZF8yw29TQtCePqEXzwvh
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Re: Crypto Karma
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2017, 01:08:20 AM »
Seriously? There is something called Crypto Karma?
Love it!
When I have made my first $2000 profit I will give some away.