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2017 cryptocurrency in Review!
« on: December 31, 2017, 04:16:52 PM »
This is kindly republished with permission from
It is a very interesting look at the year and why you should not panic and sell.

This one is for all the  Drama Queens and Panic Merchants out there.

If you had bought $100 worth of every cryptocurrency in the Top 20 on January the 1st 2017 and then bought $100 of every crypto that moved into the Top 20 during the year and NOT panicked, you would have invested a total of $3,400 and on  January the 1st 2018 that $3,400 would now be worth...

over $154,000

Yes, that is right. Your $3,400 investment would now be $154,000 if all you did was HOLD!

Now, you might think this is all because of Bitcoin but actually the most gains you would have made came from Ripple and your $100 worth of Ripple purchased on January  1, 2017 would now be worth over $35,000!!!!

Of course, how did we know Ripple would go through the roof?

You didn't need to know.

All you had to do was buy Ripple because it was in the Top 20. And it would have been really hard to miss because 12 months ago Ripple was sitting in NUMBER 3 position on the charts!

Were there any big losers, you ask?

Oh yes! Amazingly,  of the 34 cryptos you would have invested in, only 2 lost money over the year but they lost nearly everything!

In January last year something called the e-dinar coin  was sitting in 20th spot and could be bought for 96 cents.

Today, e-dinar coin is just about dead. It is sitting in 415th spot and is worth only 1 cent.

There was also something called Round which popped up during the year and would have cost you 3 cents. Today it is virtually dead and worthless, paying only a very small fraction of a cent.

The biggest winners for the year were Ripple, NEM, Stellar and Lisk. Cardano is well on the way to following in their footsteps.

Happy New Year everyone and don't forget. The moral of the story is HOLD!!!!! Keep your crypto's for a year and the sun will shine.

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