Author Topic: Cryptocurencies in the red zone  (Read 58 times)

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Cryptocurencies in the red zone
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:58:09 PM »
Cryptocurrency market and exchange is having a rough week, huge losses did hit the top 50 cryptocurrency coins starting  at Jan 10, the total market cap fell down to $706 billion in Jan 10 from $800 billion  Jan 7.
 Only Ether is surviving till now which is still growing, although it's a slow growing rate almost 10% in the last few days, still growing slowly is better than non for sure.

 The Main Losses
 Starting by the trusted Ripple, is really crumbling down with over then 16% losses, last week Ripple was exchanging at $3 on CoinMarketCap, on 8 Jan the price tracking site set aside three of the most important South Korean exchanges from their price calculations, that caused Ripple to crumble down with over then 30%, since then Ripple is trading at the mark of $1.9500 till now.
 Stellar XLM followed Ripple, it did drop with 13% to $0.66 , and so many cryptocurrencies such as Btcoin, Tron, Dash...

I know i know.. What is happening to cryptocurrencies this days? Still it's not the most dangerous situation but it's worrying.

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