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Kodakcoin? Is it reall
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:22:16 AM »
  Who doesn't know Kodak? The Eastern Kodak Company, one of the oldest photography companies around the world founded in 1888! A lot of eights I know, the company headquarter is in New York city producing imaging products, wait a minute! What is the relation between Kodak and crypto’s? Keep reading we'll discover that.

  Kodak getting in the cryptocurrency business was absolutely surprising, the company announced that it's going to invest in crytocurrencys it'll reveal its own ICO "Kodakcoin", the new coin helps photographers to be involved and participate in the new economy, sell and receive their money via a blockshain stand.

Kodak Mining Bitcoins?

   Surprise! The Eastern Kodak Company is going to inroad the mining business, the company formally declared its intentions to the public it's going to rent Bitcoin miners, it's crazy I know but it's not the end, it announced an agenda to install a huge mining rig in its headquarter, perhaps it won't install it in its office.

   What a shocking surprise from Kodak, maybe the world will allude a new efficient crypto, only the future knows that!
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