Author Topic: Price predction 2018 "Ripple"  (Read 23 times)

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Price predction 2018 "Ripple"
« on: January 06, 2018, 09:18:57 AM »
Ripple gathered magnificently the cryptocurrency community attention lately, it's different then the other cryptocurruncies it uses the blockchain technology for sure however it's transferable for banks.
 In the first half of 2017, Ripple prosperity rate was outstanding with over then 4000%, and the market cap is around $7bilion.
 You may wonder why Ripple is going to grow more in 2018? Well, there are multiple reasons for that.
 Ripple's Technology
Believe it or not, Bitcoin can perform around 7 transactions per one second; in the other side Ripple can perform 1500 transactions per second, that's a huge amount of transactions per second indeed, Ripple's technology maybe strong enough to replace the VISA! Which is interesting to see really?
All the investors around the world are familiar with the two largest cryptocurrencies in the market which is Bitcoin and Ethereum of course, however when a few investors join the cryptocurrency network and Ripple spreads out it'll drag the investors attention with its amazing technology.
Like I said previously Ripple is transferable for banks, many banks around the globe are working with Ripple they use its unique technology over their infrastructure, and that's alone is enough to make Ripple trusted by the cryptocurrency community and investors.

  With its promising technology Ripple is a good way to go, it's expected at least to cross the 5$ mark making a good coin for investors!

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